X-Ray Cat's Claw Creeper Experiments

Cat's Claw is hard to germinate! I've been collecting and trying to get some to grow from seed to no avail. I exposed a large number of seeds to 5v into the mutagenesis chamber for about 5 minutes and spread them in the garden. Only one seedling looks like it could be cat's claw (12/3/19):


It seems to just stay that size though and it's been weeks.

The indoor, unexposed seeds haven't done anything (about 5 in potting soil under the fluorescent grow light) and it's been months. I've read they can take up to 6 months to germinate though.

I didn't realize there were so many different plants called "Cat's Claw", but I'm pretty sure I'm talking about Dolichandra ungius-cati.


It's still the same size, I wonder if it's a mutant or just waiting for spring? I haven't seen any others like it. I'm tempted to transplant it into a pot, maybe in May? We'll see. So many questions, what are you little guy?

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