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DIY 3D printed Parkinson's Laser Cane

What is a laser cane?

A laser cane is a "cueing device" for people with Parkinson's disease. I've been a caregiver for my father with PD for almost 10 years and was curious about the laser cane device, however the prices for canes on the market were close to $200 (just google 'laser cane') and inspired me to try and prototype something that could attach to existing canes. Here's a video from that:

YouTube: Shapeways Laser Cane

STL Files

Files for 3D printing.

  • This is the part that holds the laser and battery pack: laser_cane.stl
  • This is the current iteration of tactile switch holder that allows you to attach it to a cane handle: cane-button-v3.stl


Here are all the parts that need to be sourced to put the laser cane together.

  • Laser Module
    • I've ordered 3 different types (8/05/19) to try, this one is the cheapest and the most similar to the one I used when I first started this project 4 years ago, or so.
  • Battery holder
    • I used a 2x AAA battery holder for 3v, however a CR2032 button cell should work fine and be lighter and less bulky.
  • 6x6x5mm normally open tactile pushbutton switch
    • I'll be designing a better switch when this order arrives
  • 30ga wire to hook everything up
  • ~13mm wide double sided velcro strap (used to organize cables a lot of the time)

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