X-ray Mutagenesis on Cactus


This is the first time trying to germinate cactus seeds (which I hear can germinate in about 2 weeks), I'm trying 4 different varieties re-using disposable food containers. No x-ray exposure yet!

cactus-seeds1 cactus-seeds2

I also received the pereskiopsis cuttings today (7!) so I can grow rootstock for grafting when the time comes:

pereskiopsis1 pereskiopsis2


The pereskiopsis have begun to grow new leaves, I checked root growth and saw 3-4mm roots on one of the plants.

The hybrid Peruvianus x Pachanoi eBay seeds germinated pretty well, the pure Peruvianus cross seeds weren't germinating so I hit them with the 50ppm GA3 spray that I've been hitting everything with a couple days in a row and I just saw germination start yesterday (about 2 days after the GA3 spray, only 2 seeds).

The "Graham's nipple cactus" was a VERY easy germination. They're really nice looking growing all bulbous next to one another. I'm definitely going to pop these with the machine sometime soon. Maybe do a whole tray with each of the quadrants being a different amount of x-ray exposure.

The barrel cactus hasn't done a thing. So I just put about 5ml of 250ppm GA3 solution all over that quadrant. I examined a seed and it looked boring as ever.

I've got all the implements to do a good job grafting: scalpel, Adson forceps, the locking ones so I can try and be safe working with the scalpel blades.

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