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Finally working on the site again, I've abandoned a home-brewed node.js /ExpressJS / MongoDB blog project created to showcase and log other projects. The software became unmaintained and everything eventually fell apart. I could try and duct tape everything back together again, yet I have no real desire to maintain a code base for a "project blog" along with my desires for more Art, etc. I fumbled around with the idea of making something with a static site generator, as well as installing a lean CMS like October. After the installation and digging around in documentation, I realized I wasn't ready for October, I didn't touch the site after installing it. Maybe if I were creating websites as a business I'd learn October just for the flexibility is provides.

Cut to hanging out on the coolest new Mastodon instance: Dobbs.Town... well it's okay, sorta a sludge fest of strange schizoid emotions, fantasy and surrealism ranging from the playful to the cruel. However, through the power of the FEDIVERSE I found Merveilles.Town. I've known of the couple that's been sailing around the world and writing strange code for a while now and have appreciated their aesthetic and lifestyle. They have a rule where you must have a B&W avatar on the instance, which is cool, I remember when I was on twitter I made a list of everyone who had a B&W avatar since I found the aesthetic so pleasing.

I can't be sure of when I adopted the B&W "Helvetica Minimalism" philosophy, but we can see Mind's Forge has had the minimal b&w anvil design since about April 2013, anyway I don't want to seem like I'm COPYING their style, just like I had imagined the Brandless™ concept before ever seeing one of their products. I had to clear that up because I am lifting the idea of running a personal wiki! I saw someone complain how their site wasn't a "wiki" and I thought about how easy that would be to work with for the "shape" of the content I have to organize and share.

So here we are. I've installed the wiki and now I'm writing my first ideas out. I'll continue to edit this page, fleshing out ideas of what this site can become. The internet sure has changed since it was first around.

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