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Sharing ZFS Pool over NFS

How I shared my ZFS pool over NFS on Void Linux, Void Handbook

On Server

Install nfs-utils:

$ xbps-install nfs-utils

Enable services:

$ sudo ln -s /etc/sv/rpcbind/ /etc/sv/statd/ /etc/sv/nfs-server/ /var/service/

Tell ZFS to share:

$ sudo zfs set sharenfs=on tank

Open the firewall:

$ sudo ufw allow from to any port nfs

Check it:

$ sudo showmount -e localhost
Export list for localhost:
/tank *

On Client

Install nfs-utils and sv-netmount and enable services:

$ sudo xbps-install nfs-utils sv-netmount

$ sudo ln -s /etc/sv/statd /etc/sv/rpcbind /etc/sv/netmount /var/service/

(according to the handbook we don't need statd because we're using nfs4)

Mount NFS:

$ sudo mkdir /mnt/tank

$ sudo mount -t nfs4 /mnt/tank

Add NFS line to /etc/fstab: /mnt/tank nfs4 rw,hard 0 0

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