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I've been running an Urbit planet for a few months now at ~daldel-talbyt (cool phonetic encoding for what is essentially Urbit's equivalent to an IP address)

I recently updated my Urbit binary, which these days is simple as shutting down the instance and running the binary with the "next" option like so: ./daldel-talbyt/.run next -- once that's done you just restart it with the options you need: ./daldel-talbyt/.run -p 34543 --https-port 8080

ANYWAY, while doing the update I had a couple apps get suspended (Channel and Uqbar Suite), channel came back on it's own after a week or so, but I had to strong arm Uqbar Suite. I asked for help and received it from the Uqbar Event Horizon - Help chat, and this seemed to work:

+agents %zig

for each agent listed I then ran:

|nuke %wallet

answering [y] for each warning.

trying |install ~dister-dozzod-bacdun %zig failed, and doing |uninstall %zig then the install command also failed

but doing:

|revive %zig

Installed all the previous nuked agents, and it was back and unsuspended :)

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