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Using Backblaze B2 with Urbit

To use Backblaze B2 with Urbit:

  • Create bucket:
Public files, disable encryption, Object Lock: disabled
  • Create app key:
I had to allow access to "All" buckets for some reason. Read and Write
  • Install/download the B2 tool, on Arch it's yay backblaze-b2, an AUR package, the binary is backblaze-b2
run $ backblaze-b2 authorize-account <<keyID>> <<applicationKey>>
  • Make an executable file with this in it:
backblaze-b2 update-bucket --corsRules '[
    "corsRuleName": "downloadFromAnyOriginWithUpload",
    "allowedOrigins": [
    "allowedHeaders": [
    "allowedOperations": [
    "maxAgeSeconds": 3600
  • Execute that file, and fill out the settings in Landscape/EScape on Urbit:
Settings -> Remote Storage, Endpoint:Endpoint, Access Key ID:keyID, Secret Access Key:applicationKey
New Bucket -> human readable bucket name

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