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TD Ameritrade ThinkOrSwim doesn't work with Flatpak

Getting this error?

Starting Installer ...
The installation directory has been set to /home/nak/thinkorswim.
Extracting files ...
Finishing installation ...
sed: can't read /home/nak/.var/app/com.tdameritrade.ThinkOrSwim/data/thinkorswim/workspace.* No such file or directory
/app/bin/thinkorswim: line 15: /home/nak/.var/app/com.tdameritrade.ThinkOrSwim/data/thinkorswim/thinkorswim: No such file or directory

Don't worry, this github issue comment fix works:

flatpak run --command=sh  com.tdameritrade.ThinkOrSwim

# Run the installer 
sh /app/extra/

flatpak run com.tdameritrade.ThinkOrSwim

This installer will give you a prompt, during the installation on where to install TOS. enter @/home/<your_username>/.var/app/com.tdameritrade.ThinkOrSwim/data/thinkorswim@

Once it's installed into the app, it'll run normally every flatpak run after.

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