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Programming the T-SIM7600G


7600x Github - I cloned this repo for easy access to the examples. git clone

I already had the "ESP32 Dev" board installed on the Arduino IDE, but I had to install a couple libraries: TinyGSM and StreamDebugger, they were easily found through the library manager search.

Programming ESP32

I had to plug the USB-C cable into the TTL port (there are 2, one labeled USB and one TTL)

I set the baud rate to 115200 and left everything else default. I had to select the /dev/ttyACM1 device before getting the ATdebug.ino sketch to upload.


After setting the Serial Monitor to "115200" and to use "Both NL & CR", and pressing the RST button on the board, we were able to get an "OK" response!

AT Commands


send sms success text recieved

I couldn't send the "ctrl-z" control character with the Arduino serial monitor, so I ended up struggling with minicom (it would've worked if I just unplugged/replugged the board), but I ended up compiling gtkterm. After that I was able to send the AT command to send a text message (after changing the mode: AT+CMGF=1)

Very cool

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