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Serving Media

These are some quick notes on how I am setting up the media architecture. I'm using Zola to generate the pages which link to media files cached by Varnish locally and stored on another server (the $SERVARICA_POLAR_IP VPS).

This is the shell script that I run on my desktop after doing a recording, it sends the new MP3 over to the polar storage VPS, generates an file with a TOML array of the MP3 filenames which is used by Zola to build a static site. This static site is then uploaded here and served through Caddy.

rsync -hvrPt bible-readings/ $SERVARICA_POLAR_IP:/var/www/media/bible-readings/
cd $HOME/media_site/content/bible && ./ >
cd $HOME/media_site && zola build
rsync -hvrPt $HOME/media_site/public/

cat index_base.tmp
MP3S=( $(cd $HOME/bible-readings/ && ls -dt *.mp3) )
printf "mp3s = [\"${MP3S[0]}\""
for mp3 in "${MP3S[(at sign here breaks pmwiki)]:1}"
    printf ",\"$mp3\""
printf "]\n+++"


title = "Bible Readings"
template = "bible.html"


It's totally unstyled right now, but the eye candy comes later. Might even work on a script to pull descriptions and thumbnails from Odysee to make a nice interface, but for now it's bare minimum and works for keeping the recordings available in case Odysee just goes away someday. Will be working on videos next.

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