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Fixing Kernel Panic on Void Linux

I didn't even take notes on this, but it looks like I've run into the same panic again after an update. I ran the vkpurge rm all to remove old kernels on my server and after rebooting I found a kernel panic:

VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(259,3)

I was able to fix it by booting a Void live USB image, mounting my linux install at /mnt/main, and then running xbps-uchroot /mnt/main grub-install /dev/nvme0n1. This time I also ran xbps-uchroot /mnt/main vkpurge rm all before the grub-install command. Seems like it's been fixed again, let's see if it stays fixed when the next kernel update comes around. I suspect something failed during that first vkpurge. I hope this 2nd time running it fixes this!

I might look into switching to NetBSD or Alpine for the server. It's been a pretty decent year with Void, but at the same time this problem along with the heavy handed removal of "crypto shit" from the repositories I'm much less of a fan.


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10/30/23 Update: I just updated the kernel and the grub hook ran properly, no more panic!

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