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Eventide Space Pedal Shutting Down FIX

I bought a Eventide Space Pedal off eBay which I eventually noticed would consistently shutdown after about an hour of use, but would start back up after a power cycle and then shut down again after less time.

After some troubleshooting with a multimeter and thermal camera (and o-scope, checked if the clock was overclocked) I decided putting a 20x20mm self adhesive heat sink on the DSP chip would be my best bet.

The heat sink adds a couple hours of operation time before shutdown, but it's shutting down for some reason. It might be some other component, maybe I'll check the clock while heating the board to failure next?

Have some pictures for reference if you're dealing the with the same thing:

fullboard-top LD33 warm-LD50 ak4620bvf

I thought maybe the LDO regulators were hitting a thermal shutdown condition, but they were both putting out 5v/3.3v after the unit clicked off.

DSP-photo DSP DSP-with-heatsink heatsink

Here's the DSP chip before and after the heat sink

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