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Programming the ATtiny10

Programming ATtiny10 with USBASP and avrdude

Notes on programming a small (SOT-23-6) and cheap (44-46 cents at qty 1) microcontroller, the Microchip ATtiny10 in a Linux environment using C and a USBASP programmer. The ATtiny series uses TPI (Tiny Programming Interface) instead of ISP (In System Programming) so I couldn't use my Adafruit ISP programmer.


These videos helped a lot: Connecting to the USBASP and Compiling and uploading

Compile with avr-gcc:

avr-gcc blink.c -mmcu=attiny10 -DF_CPU=1000000L -Os -o blink.bin

Upload with avrdude:

avrdude -c usbasp -p t10 -U flash:w:blink.bin

This code showed me how to enable the PWM.

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Programming ATtiny10 with HVSP (High Voltage Serial Programming)

I've been working on a project that expanded to use all four pins of the ATtiny10. One of the pins is the reset (RST) pin which can only be used as a (weak) GPIO if you program using 12vdc. Here are my notes trying to figure that out.

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