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Welcome. If you're looking for something from my old project site, check the Internet Archive snapshot. I'll work on making pages for my old projects (maybe) or I may just continue ripping through this illusion of space-time without looking back.



Still feeling a bit timorous pushing forward with any of my mutagenesis stuff. It's been a while since growing more from the mutant brassica rapa line, and I don't think the log page for that project is up to date. I have a seed in a bag here from that last entry on 5/13/20, and I think that was the only one that looked viable. So, if I am able to get it to flower I'll have to back cross it. I'm suprised that so many of the original different mutations were carried down this line.

I also have the cactus going still, although there are quite a few dead grafts, I've been fighting scale bugs, and a mouse ate one too I'm sure. I have a bunch replanted in pots on the back porch too. And the "non research" plants are doing alright, I feel like I'm not making full use of the grow light area though.

It's been a whirlwind, but I guess that's how life is. I'm considering selling all the stuff I collected last year to do bacteriophage work. Maybe renting a storage unit would be reasonable, but at the same time I don't want to fall into the trap of clinging to things of this world. Liquidation in order to live more of a "van life" is what I'm feeling at the moment, but I do have a desire to have a lab again and I'm not sure where that impulse of will arises from, the higher will of God or my little mortal will of dust. Honestly it's that relationship, a divine love to get closer and "know" more, to do well by the army of heaven. There's a passage in "The Pilgrim Continues his Way" that says: "Pray and do what you want" -- because if you keep that line of connection to the persons of heaven it's sort of living life with bowling bumpers on. Turning away and saying that you can do it all on your own is an option too of course, but gutter balls are eternal. And it's not saying playing with bumpers is "easy", a strike may consist of brutal physical torture and death here on earth, look to the lives of the saints for plenty examples.


Things are moving right along. I haven't posted about my isopod culture, but I started a culture this February 2020 from eBay. They're listed as Porcellionides pruinosus powder orange. I ended up collecting some isopods from the wild and keeping them too, what ended up happening was some orange escaped to the wild container and ended up cross breeding. There were some incidences where I let things get dry, so there were some Malthusian catastrophes, but was able to get the culture to revive. The genetics have seemed to have balanced out between the two containers, you can tell there's a bit of the "blue" genes floating around, but it's mainly orange.

The quail have grown up, but I've read they stop/slow down laying in the winter. You can fix that by using a light on a timer, but I haven't decided to do that. I ended up with more males than I thought before too, I'm guessing it's 4 males and 2 females, which isn't the best and I should look into selling some.

orange-isopods quail-hutch

I was recently introduced to a book: Beginning to Pray by Anthony Bloom, and it's very good. After reading the introduction I ended up ordering a few more copies to lend out /give away.


That paragraph is from the introduction. It's a short book, just over 100 pages, dense with the spirit. I'm only about halfway through and am putting those tape markers throughout it in order to reference particular pearls of wisdom that are strung through the reading.

Alright, so still on the path, still juggling worldly duties and aiming for love and light.


Realized that it's been a little over a year since switching over to using PmWiki for the site, I think I'll keep it!

The quail have grown up quite a bit, I have moved them in with the remaining adult quail (I lost my egg laying hen to a neighborhood cat)... The rabbit hutch thing was just a little too wide and a cat was able to get it's claws through and the quail weren't smart enough to stay away. This pic is from 10/2 around midnight, was moving them because of flood irrigation:


I also finally designed and printed off a kitchen knife handle for my friend, I guess the original shattered:

3DP-knife-handle1 3DP-knife-handle2 prototype-handles

I didn't expect to print so many templates, but the screw hole alignment offset was a tricky problem to suss out. I also just shipped out a commission for these cool mushroom earcuffs, based off Mycena genus mushrooms:


One of the xray pollen Daturas bloomed:


I guess that'll be it for now, lots of "stuff" to do. Poor dog is fighting back a swollen paw, starting to pick up speed on cleaning things up around the house to move along the path to "lighter" realms. I could write a bit more on some other fun projects, but that'll just have to wait!

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