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Society of Mind - Marvin Minksy


Machine Learning

78% of the Earth's atmosphere is a soporific

nitrogen nitrogen2

Phage Therapy

This may become a project. I'm researching the possibility of performing phage isolation in a home environment, this is magical stuff and I suspect phage transfer may be the most important thing in those fecal transplants you hear about. There are older rituals that involve eating feces and dogs eat poop too, as well as doofus rick... there may actually be a health benefit to it: the introduction of other cultures of bacteriophages into your gut.

I actually made a "Phage Therapy" game a few years back for a Ludum Dare 48-hour game making competition. I still need to create pages for older projects, it looks like their old wordpress site was attacked by spammers and I can't easily find my old games there by searching my username anymore.